Prof. Felix Ritort

Principal Investigator



Dr. Marco Ribezzi

Postdoctoral researcher

“I spent wonderful years exploring the thermodynamics of biomolecules at this lab in Barcelona. I’m now in Paris to learn droplet microfluidics and directed evolution at the Laboratory of Biochemistry ESPCI-CNRS.”


Dr. Joan Camuñas

Postdoctoral researcher

“My research in this lab focuses on studying binding reactions between nucleic acids and small ligands and proteins, combining optical tweezers with statistical physics tools. I’m currently doing a postdoc at Stanford.”


Dr. Maria Mañosas

Postdoctoral researcher

“I’m fascinated by molecular motors that control cell function. In this lab, we use single-molecule techniques to investigate these amazing molecules.”


Dr. Isabel Pastor

Postdoctoral researcher

“Our research group is composed of physicists, chemists, biologists and nanotechnologists. Working in such an interdisciplinary lab is extremely rewarding and interesting.”


Laura Asensio

PhD Student

“I really enjoy being part of a research group that works in a wide range of areas and thanks to the interdisciplinary team I am able to perform beautiful experiments and data analysis.”


Marta Gironella

PhD Student

“I feel gratified deciphering a small piece of cellular complexity and doing it with such a great team gives me a deep understanding of all this new knowledge.”


Alvaro Martínez

PhD Student

“The thing that I value most about doing my PhD in this lab is that I have the chance to explore my work both experimentally and theoretically.”


Ainara Morera

PhD Student

“The only way I can understand the world is by studying it. This is the main reason I’m part of this group, because I want to know how things work.”


Pol Rey

PhD Student

“Researching small molecules is a tool for understanding the whole world. This lab led me to this conclusion. So, just do it.”


Marc Rico

PhD Student

“The best things about this team are the people, the direct contact with novel technology and the fact that we’re studying the nature at the deepest level.”


Enric Sanmartí

PhD Student

“What I appreciate most about my work is the excellence of the team, the outstanding equipment and the interdisciplinary nature of the research”


Xavier Viader

PhD Student

“I like working shoulder to shoulder with this wonderful team. Conducting amazing experiments and data analysis is both fun and exciting.”