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Seminar Manifestations of memory in the dynamics of low-dimensional physical observables

Dr. Aljaz Godec, Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry (Germany)

25th February, 2019 | Read more


Seminar Biophysics of red blood cells – lessons from malaria infections

Ulrich Sebastian Schwarz, Heidelberg University (Germany)

11th February, 2019 | Read more


Seminar Heat fluctuations of Brownian oscillators: fluctuation theorem and condensation transition

Andrea Crisanti, Università “La Sapienza” di Roma (Italy)

11th July, 2019 | Read more


Seminar Nonequilibrium dynamics and fluctuations in the cytoskeleton

Fred MacKintosh, Rice University (USA)

23rd May, 2019 | Read more


Seminar Biopolymers, their networks and implications for mechanobiology

Fred MacKintosh, Rice University (USA)

20th May, 2019 | Read more


Seminar RNA sequencing technologies for health and disease monitoring: single-cell patch-seq in diabetes and cell-free RNA in fetal-maternal health

Joan Camuñas, Stanford University (USA)

20th Dicember, 2018 | Read more


Time and Length for spin glasses

Victor Martin-Mayor, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)

21th November, 2018 | Read more


Seminar The temporal scaling of C. elegans aging

Nicholas Stroustrup, Centre de Regulació Genòmica (Spain)

14th November, 2018 |Read more


Seminar Slow dynamics, glasses and thermodynamics of trajectories

Juan P. Garrahan, University of Nottingham (UK)

18th November 2018 | Read more


Seminar How do proteins search for their targets on a folded chromosome?

Ruggero Cortini, Centre de Regulació Genòmica (Spain)

2nd October, 2018 | Read more


Seminar Opto-electrical Sensing using Solid-state Nanopores: Genotyping, Epi-Genetic modifications and Proteins

Amit Meller, The Technion – Israel Institute of Technology Haifa (Israel)

18th September, 2018 | Read more


Seminar Stochastic density functional theory for electrolytes out of equilibrium

David Dean, Université de Bourdeaux (France)

10th May 2018 | Read more


Seminar Pore translocation of knotted polymers

Cristian Micheletti, SISSA (Italy)

8th May, 2018 | Read more


Seminar Self-assembly processes of living organisms and ‘membraneless organelles’

Dr. Omar A. Saleh, UC Santa Barbara (USA)

12th April, 2018 | Read more


Seminar CRISPR/Cas9-mediated clonal tracking during zebrafish embryonic development and regeneration

Anna Alemany,Hubrecht Institute (The Netherlands)

1st March, 2018 | Read more


Seminar Hollow plasmonic antennas for broadband SERS spectroscopy

Gabriele C. Messina, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia, (Italy)

17th January, 2018 | Read more


Seminar Biomechanics as a driver of stem cell differentiation, segregation and development

Lene Broeng Oddershede, Niels Bohr Institute (Germany)

11th January, 2018 | Read more


Seminar Single-molecule investigation and modeling of target recognition by CRISPR-Cas complexes

Ralf Seidel Leipzig University (Germany)

28th September, 2017 | Read more


Molecular models of DNA: can we still learn something… more?

Fabrizio Cleri, Université de Lille (France)

14th June, 2017 | Read more


Nanoparticles impact stem cells: from membrane interaction/uptake to biological effects and way back

Claudia Giachino, Università di Torino (Italy)

1st June, 2017 | Read more


Seminar Unmet clinical needs in cancer. A pathologist’s view

Enrique de Álava, HUVR-IBiS (Spain)

19th May, 2017 | Read more


Seminar Studying single DNA molecules using nanofluidic channels: from antibiotic resistance to DNA-protein interactions

Fredrik Westerlund, Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)

3rd May, 2017 | Read more


Seminar Data science and the curse of phase transitions

Marc Mézard, Ecole normale supérieure – PSL Research University, Paris

28th April, 2017 | Read more


Seminar Cell mechanical properties as markers of aging and disease

Paola Costelli, Universitá di Torino (Italy)

7th April, 2017 | Read more


“Single molecule research: When biology meets physics”. Dr. Felix Ritort publishes an article at Biofísica Magazine

April, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Versatile tools towards real-time single-molecule biology

Jordi Cabanas-Danés, LUMICKS BV (The Netherlands)

10th March, 2017 | Read more


Seminar Pharmamar, Biotecnología Marina para el Tratamiento del Cáncer

Chair: Juan Fernando Martinez Leal, PharmaMar

9th February, 2017 | Read more


Seminar RNA aptamers: new challenging in biomolecules design

Pablo Fernández Millán, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona(UAB)

30th January, 2017 | Read more


Seminar Nanophotonics Point-of-Care Biosensors for ultrasensitive diagnosis

Laura M. Lechuga, Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICN2)

31st January, 2017 | Read more


1st Biology for Physics Conference: Is there new Physics in Living Matter?

Chair: Dr. Felix Ritort, University of Barcelona

15th – 18th January, 2017 | Read more


Seminar Learning from fluctuations: The mechanics of active and passive cellular assemblies

Dr. Timo Betz, Münster University

16th December, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Hierarchy and extremes in selections from pools of randomized proteins

Clément Nizak, École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielle de Paris (ESPCI) (France)

5th December, 2016 | Read more


Seminar RNA structural biology & bioinformatics

Eric Westhof, Université de Strasbourg, Institut de biologie moléculaire et cellulaire du CNRS (France)

24th November, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Engineered Swift equilibration of an harmonic oscillator

Anne Le Cunuder, Ecole Normale Supérieure Lyon (France)

20th October, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Chaperones drive proteins and RNA away from the control of thermodynamic equilibrium

Paolo De Los Rios, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)

19th October, 2016 | Read more


Seminar At the heart of the matter: physics, biology and the function of the myocardium

J. Alegre-Cebollada, CNIC (Spain)

5th October, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Inference of Inter-Protein Interaction from Co-Evolution sequence data

Andrea Pagnani, Politecnico di Torino (Italy)

26th September, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Characterization of single semiconductor nanowires by by non-destructive spectroscopies

Eleonora Secco, Universitat de València (Spain)

6th September, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Electrostatic imaging in biomembranes using low oscillation dynamic atomic force microscopy

L. Almonte, Universidad de Murcia (Spain)

5th September, 2016 | Read more


Seminar The mean field solution for Hard Sphere Jamming: a new scenario for the low temperature landscape of glasses

Giorgio Parisi, Università di Roma La Sapienza (Italy)

15th July, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Substrate permeation across the major outer membrane channel of Campylobacter jejuni

Naresh Niranjan, Jacobs University Bremen (Germany)

15th July, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Equilibrium response, thermal fluctuations, and 1/f noise from nanothermodynamics

Ralph V. Chamberlin, Department of Physics, Arizona State University (USA)

14th July, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Transport through the nuclear pore complex: crowding and plasticity

Fabien Montel, Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (France)

28th June, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Order in disordered systems

Sándalo Roldán-Vargas, Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Dresden (Germany)

28th June, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Selected topics of DNA biophysics

Maxim Frank-Kamenetskii, Boston University (United States of America)

27th June, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Seing biological macromolecules in action: From ensemble to single molecule

Namik Akkilic, University of Twente (The Netherlands)

23rd June, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Next-Generation Sequencing

Jochen Hecht, Centre for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona

13th June, 2016 | Read more


Seminar DNA and protein translocation through glass nanopores

Ulrich F. Keyser, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)

7th June, 2016 | Read more


Seminar From Single- to Multi-molecule Stretching and Breaking Experiments

Fabrizio Cleri, Institute of Microelectronics and Nanotechnology(IEMN Cnrs 8520), University of Lille I (France)

30th May, 2016 | Read more


Seminar 2D-material nanopores as a new playground for biophysics

Aleksandra Radenovic, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)

27th May, 2016 | Read more

arctic impression AFS

Seminar Improvements of acoustic force spectroscopy (AFS)

Douwe Kamsma, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

10th May, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Predicting evolution: statmech and biophysics far from equilibrium

Michael Lässig, University of Cologne (Germany)

9th May, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Using the tools of nanotechnology for biology at the single-molecule and single-cell scale

Cees Dekker, Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands)

29th April, 2016 | Read more


Seminar A droplet-microfluidic high-throughput approach to helicase biophysics

15th March, 2016 | Read more


Seminar The Universe of Neurotoxic Proteins: A Study of the Conformational Space of Polyglutamine and β-amyloid

1st March, 2016 | Read more


Seminar The synapse, a multi-molecular assembly beyond super-resolution

17th February, 2016 | Read more


Seminar Cell-matrix mechanobiology probed with atomic force microscopy

17th November, 2015 | Read More


Seminar Current fluctuations in biomolecular machines

18th November, 2015 | Read more


Seminar Multifractality of random eigenfunctions and generalization of Jarzynski equality

11st November, 2015 | Read more


Seminar Control of collective cell dynamics by adhesion, tension and fracking

22nd September, 2015 | Read more


Seminar Influence of the lipid charge on non-specific biological ion channel transport

10th September, 2015 | Read more


Seminar Sketching in Barcelona: HIV Illustration and model building at the molecular frontier

14th September, 2015 | Read more


Seminar From Hamilton to Boltzmann: the scattering road to equilibrium

28th July, 2015 | Read More


Seminar Understanding cell extracellular matrix mechanical link: from molecular roles to emerging behaviors

6th July, 2015 | Read more


Seminar Mechanobiology of lung fibroblasts in normal and diseased conditions

22nd June, 2015 | Read more


Seminar Nano-Optical Trapping: Recent developments and applications to quantum physics

9th June, 2015 | Read more


Seminar Geometric Methods for Optimal Finite-time Control of Nanoscale Systems

15th May, 2013 | Read more


Seminar Optical Tweezers and Defocusing Microscopy to study DNA-ligand interactions and mechanical properties of red blood cells

9th October, 2013 | Read more


Seminar Understanding the Overstretch Transition in dsDNA: One mechanism is not enough

9th July, 2013 | Read more


Seminar The nanomechanics of individual biomolecules

26th June, 2013 | Read more


Seminar Protein folding, misfolding, and aggregation observed directly using single-molecule force spectroscopy

25th June, 2013 | Read more


Seminar Pulling on single biological molecules: a powerful tool for studying diverse systems

31st May, 2013 | Read more


Seminar Single Molecule RNA Folding: From Small Motifs to Large Riboprotein Complexes

18th April, 2013 | Read more


Seminar Quantifying the physics inside the genome one molecule at a time

10th April, 2013 | Read more


Seminar On demons and dragons large and small

31st October, 2012 | Read more


Seminar Sequence, shape, function: a primer to DNA origami

22nd June, 2011 | Read more


Seminar Understanding DNA segregation during bacterial cell division with single-molecule super-resolution microscopy

22nd February, 2011 | Read more


Seminar Near equilibrium fluctuations of single protein molecules


11st November, 2010 | Read more