Dr Felix Ritort’s first love and passion has always been research, but he balances this with his work as a university professor and active participation in international conferences and seminars.


• Coordinator of Experimental Techniques in Biophysics, a 35-hour course given by 11 guest professors as part of the MS in Molecular Biophysics at the University of Barcelona (2008-2013)

• Guest Professor of the course Nano- and Micro-Mechanics of Living Cell Adhesion at the International Centre for Mechanical Sciences (2010)

• Guest Professor of the PhD course Single-Molecule Experiments: A new tool to explore non-equilibrium small systems at the Rome Tre University Graduate School of Mathematics and Physics (2010)

• Guest Professor of the PhD course Single-Molecule Physics at the Santiago de Chile University Faculty of Science (2011)

• Guest Professor for the course Fluctuation Theorems in Small Systems at the National University of Colombia School of Mines (2013)

• Undergraduate Physics Professor, University of Barcelona (2012-present)